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Theater Bar

Open for evening and morning performances

EVENINGs and mornings

Kaspia Réception opens the bars half an hour before the performance and during the intervals.

Foyer Bar

The Bar du Hall offers savoury snacks: small salads, club sandwiches, wraps, Tyrrells crisps and almond/cashew assortments,  almond bread, butter wafers and chocolaty bites, and a variety of drinks, ranging from champagne to mineral water. 

Dress circle Bar

The Bar de la Corbeille offers savoury snacks, champagne, wine (Saint-Emilion, Pouilly Fumé) and water.

sundays mornings

Foyer Bar

Only the Bar du Hall is open on Sunday mornings, offering coffee, tea and sweet snacks.
Prices range from €2.50 to €10.


Le Retour d'Ulysse dans sa patrie

Suite des répétitions de la nouvelle production du Retour d'Ulysse dans sa patrie de Monteverdi dirigée par Emmanuelle Haïm et mise en scène par Mariame Clément.

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