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  • What are the sanitary measures taken by the Theatre in response to the health crisis?
    In compliance with the governmental directives related to the health crisis, the Théâtre des Champs-Elysées has put in place all the measures to welcome you in the best conditions. Let's respect these instructions together.
    For your information, during this period, the management will pay the ushers.
  • What are the nearest metro stations or bus stops?
    METRO: Alma-Marceau (line 9) or Franklin D. Roosevelt (line 1) 
    RER C: Pont de l’Alma 
    BUS: lines 42, 63, 72, 80, 92 have a stop nearby.
  • Where can I park?
    The closest car park is the Alma-George V car park on the corner of Avenue George V and Avenue Montaigne
  • Can I bring my children to a performance?
    Yes, if they are up to 3. Our Terms and Conditions state that children under the age of three will not be admitted to the auditorium.
  • I have a disability. What is the procedure for booking disabled-accessible seats? ?
    At every performance, six seats are set aside for audience members with reduced mobility. Because of the auditorium's layout and design, please be sure to inform us of your requirements when you book by phone on +33 (0)1 49 52 50 50. A specific access to the foyer is available and each person will be accompanied by a ticket inspector from the reception staff.
  • Are there lifts up to the auditorium's upper floors?
    Yes, it is in the corridor around the orchestra area, on the even-numbered side.


  • Is there a specific dress code for different types of performances?
    No, there is no specific dress code, though we would ask that theatre-goers wear smart casual dress.

  • Is there a cloakroom?
    Closed until further notice...

    (yes, your coats can be left in the cloakrooms located on various levels: in the corridor around the orchestra area, on the dress circle level and on the first balcony level. This is a premium service (€2 ) managed by Kaspia Réceptions. As part of our security measures, helmets must be left in a cloakroom. Travel bags and suitcases, however, are not accepted.)

  • Can I bring a suitcase or a motorcycle helmet to the theatre with me?
    No, in application of the VIGIPIRATE PLAN "REINFORCED SAFETY - RISK ATTACK", the helmets must be left in the cloakroom, on the other hand the large bags and the suitcases, the musical instruments are not admitted within the enclosure of the Theater.
  • Where can I find information about the timing of each performance?
    The timing is indicated on our website page for each show, as well as on the monitor in the theatre foyer and on the printed programmes. For operas, each ticket-holder is sent an e-mail setting out the evening's programme to assist with organisational arrangements.

  • What time does the theatre open?
    The theatre opens its doors 30 minutes before the performance is scheduled to begin. Please check your show's starting time on your ticket. We recommend that you arrive at least 15 minutes before the performance is scheduled to begin. Some performances are preceded by a pre-concert introduction: details are available in the brochure, our magazine Le Mag or on our website.
    The auditorium doors open 20 minutes before the performance begins, unless otherwise announced.
    For the Sunday Morning Concerts, where there are no allocated seat numbers, the theatre doors open at 9.45am for subscribers to the Sunday Morning Concerts and at 10.00am for the general public.
    The auditorium doors open at 10.15am.

  • What time can I enter the auditorium for the sunday morning concerts?
    For the Sunday Morning Concerts, where there are no allocated seat numbers, the theatre doors open at 9.45am for subscribers to the Sunday Morning Concerts and at 10.00am for the general public. The auditorium doors open at 10.15am.

  • Can I enter the auditorium if I arrive late?
    IT DEPENDS. The auditorium doors are closed when the performance begins. The first latecomers are seated in the latecomers' boxes, but there are only a limited number of seats. Subsequent arrivals will have to wait for the interval to go to their designated seat, but can watch the performance broadcast on monitors in the corridors around the orchestra area.

  • Can I find my own seat in the auditorium?
    Audience members are met in the auditorium by an usher, who will guide them individually to their seats. It is a custom in the Théâtre des Champs-Elysées that ushers may ask for a tip. You may tip or not, as you wish, but it is by no means obligatory.

  • Are my seats side by side (even/uneven numbers)?
    Even-numbered seats (2, 4, 6, 8, etc.) are situated stage left, i.e. on your right when you face the stage. Uneven-numbered seats (1, 3, 5, 7, etc.) are situated stage right. This is why seat numbers 2, 4, 6, 8, etc. are adjacent to each other in the same row.
    In the boxes, seen from the front, seats 1, 2 and 3, for example, are side by side in the first row. Seats 2, 5 and 6 are in the second row. Seats 7 and 8 are at the back of the box. 
    In the side boxes, seats 1 and 2 are side by side in the first row, 3 and 4 side by side in the second row, 5 and 6 side by side in the third row, 7 and 8 side by side in the fourth row.

  • Where can I buy the show programme?
    At the time of the performance, the programmes are on sale in the theatre foyer between the two staircases leading up to the dress circle. Staged opera programmes cost €10, some others at €5. Other programmes are free and available on our website.

  • Are operas subtitled?
    With some exceptions, all staged and concert operas are subtitled in French and English unless told otherwise.

  • Can I take photos and/or make videos?
    No, under the theatre's Terms and Conditions, it is prohibited to take photos of, film or record all or part of any show. However, this ban is raised for curtain calls (and only at this particular time).


Do you charge booking fees for tickets purchased by phone or through your website?
Yes. A €2 booking fee is added to the price of each ticket, except for Youth events and Sunday Morning Concerts. Subscribers are not charged booking fees.

  • How do I redeem gift vouchers?
    Gift Vouchers can be exchanged for tickets to a show, booked exclusively at the box office or by phone. They are valid up until the last scheduled performance date in the current season. No change will be returned on the value of Gift Vouchers.
  • Do you accept vouchers such as culture passes or holiday vouchers to pay for tickets?
    Yes. Under the theatre's Terms and Conditions, we accept vouchers from Groupe Up-Chèque déjeuner or chèque-vacances. No change will be returned on their value.
  • Do you offer discounts?
    For young people under 26, discount rates are available at €10, €15 or €20 per ticket on a selection of shows – except the Sunday Morning Concerts – as part of a four-show subscription offer. This discount price may also apply to single tickets for certain performances at the Théâtre des Champs-Elysées, providing proof of age is provided when the tickets are collected.
    For young people under 9, the Sunday Morning Concerts are free if they are accompanied by at least one parent attending the concert. The price is €15 per ticket for young people under 26 (proof of age required).
    For accompanied school children attending Youth event during school hours, the price is €7 per ticket and admission is free for an adult accompanying 10 pupils. 
  • Is there a discount for seniors?
    No, but all audience members can enjoy all of the season's shows at a very low price of between €8 and €15 per ticket by choosing fifth category seats. These seats have very reduced visibility and tickets are sold at the box office (from September) and online (from 9 September). There are also sixth category seats, with no visibility, priced at €5. These tickets go on sale, at the box office only, one hour before the performance begins.
    A last-minute 50% discount may be offered one hour before the performance, only from the Théâtre des Champs-Elysées box office, but this is not systematic.

  • What is the minimum group size eligible for group discounts?
    Groups of 10 or more people, whether young people under 26 or adults, are eligible for special group rates.

  • When can I book if i am not a subscriber?
    Individual online bookings open on 30 June 2021. Phone and box office bookings open on 1st September 2021. 

  • What happens if the theatre cancels a performance?
    Under our Terms and Conditions, in the event a performance is cancelled, the price paid for the ticket shall be refunded to the ticket holder on request and on receipt of the ticket(s) for the cancelled performance within one year of the performance.
    The ticket holder may also be offered the opportunity to exchange the ticket for a ticket to another show for the same or a higher price.

  • Can I exchange my tickets or ask for a refund?
    No. Under our Terms and Conditions, tickets may not be returned, refunded (even in the event of loss or theft), exchanged or resold.
    Yes. For our subscribers only, tickets may be exchanged if available.
    FOR ALL : If you can’t make the performance, then sell your tickets through the Théâtre des Champs-Elysées OFFICIAL E-TICKET EXCHANGE on the website.

  • How do I book fifth and sixth category seats?
    Fifth category seats, which have very reduced visibility, are sold only at the box office (from 1st September) and online (from September).
    Sixth category seats with no visibility, priced at €5, go on sale, at the box office only, one hour before the performance begins.

  • Can I buy fifth category seats as part of my subscription?
    No, because fifth category seats, which have very reduced visibility, are sold only at the box office and online (from September).

  • Is there a waiting list for shows that have been sold out?
    Yes, you can now register on a waiting list with your email adress. You will be informed when tere will be tickets available.
    And there is also sixth category seats with no visibility, priced at €5, on sale, at the box office only, one hour before the performance begins (exept Dance).

  • Where do I collect my tickets?
    From the Reception Desk located in the main foyer of the Théâtre des Champs-Elysées if, when you made your booking, you chose to collect your tickets 30 minutes before the performance begins. You can collect them in your name (the name used for the booking).

  • Can tickets for collection be picked up a few days before the performance?
    No, they can only be collected on the day of the performance, 30 minutes before the performance begins.

  • Can tickets be exchanged?
    No, tickets can be neither returned nor exchanged, whatever the reason. 
    yes, only our subscribers can have their tickets exchanged by applying 48 hours before the date of the performance.
    FOR ALL : If you can’t make the performance, then sell your tickets through the Théâtre des Champs-Elysées OFFICIAL E-TICKET EXCHANGE on the website.

  • I've received an e-mail notifying me that payment for my booking was not confirmed. Do I have to go through the booking process from the beginning?
    Normally, the booking process should go on correctly.But, when an order is not confirmed, the seats become available for sale again, so you will have to renew your booking.

  • I haven't received my tickets
    If you chose to have your tickets sent to you by post and haven't received anything yet, please contact the Public Relations Department on +33 (0)1 49 52 50 50, who will take the necessary steps or write to rp@theatrechampselysees.fr
  • I can't print out my tickets
    We suggest that you check your system and browser updates. Also check that the Acrobat Reader software is installed on your computer. If the problem persists, please send an e-mail to rp@theatrechampselysees.fr

  • I bought tickets but now I won't be able to come. Should I inform the theatre?
    No. Under our Terms and Conditions, tickets cannot be returned or exchanged.
    Yes. For our subscribers only, tickets may be exchanged (subject to availability) 48h before the performance by calling le Service des Relations avec le Public at 01 49 52 50 50.
    FOR ALL : If you can’t make the performance, then sell your tickets through the Théâtre des Champs-Elysées OFFICIAL E-TICKET EXCHANGE on the website.


Where can I have a meal?

You can dine before or after the performance in one of the Théâtre des Champs-Elysées' partner restaurants. To do so, buy a Dinner Package beforehand at our special negotiated price when you book your tickets, then reserve your table directly with the chosen restaurant.

Le Relais Boccador, authentic Italian restaurant. 
Pre- or post-show dinner, €39. Sunday lunch, €35 (adults), €22 (children). 20 rue du Boccador, 75008 PARIS – +33 (0)1 47 23 31 98

Le Bar des Théâtres, renowned for its "tartare". 
Pre-show dinner, €24. 44 rue Jean Goujon, 75008 PARIS – +33 (0)1 45 62 04 91

Manko Paris,  100% peruvian cuisine. Dinner before performance €34 . 15 avenue Montaigne, 75008 PARIS – +33 (0)1 82 28 00 15

Le Relais Plaza, The bistrot of the Plaza Athénée. Dinner before/after performance, €56 / €68. 25 Avenue Montaigne, 75008 PARIS - 01 53 67 64 00

Shirvan Café Metisse, Along the silk road. Formule Sunday Lunch, €36 . 5 place de l'Alma, 75008 Paris - 01 47 23 09 48

In the bars managed by Kaspia Réceptions, located in the foyer, on the dress circle level and on the first balcony level. Open before the performance and during the interval (if any). The bars offer a "savoury" selection that includes club sandwiches, wraps, Tyrells crisps and almond/cashew assortments, as well as a dessert selection that includes almond bread, butter wafers and chocolate snacks. There is also a variety of beverages ranging from champagne to mineral water.

Lost & Found

I think I lost something in the theatre. How can I retrieve it?

Contact the Lost & Found Department on +33 (0)1 49 52 50 59 during box office opening hours from 12-7pm for further information.


  • Is it possible to take a tour of the theatre?
    Theatre tours are scheduled around the times when the auditorium and the stage are in use, with a number of dates available each quarter. The tours, which are organised and run by the Public Relations Department, are open to:

    School groups (maximum of 35 pupils and adult supervisors), free of charge;
    Individuals (maximum of 25 people), for a cost per person of:
    €8 – Full price, for adults
    €4 – Discount price, for young people under 26, students and seniors
    €150 – Group price for up to 25 people 

  • Is it possible to hire the theatre for a private event?
    Yes, depending on availability. Please send an e-mail enquiry to contact@theatrechampselysees.fr or visit our website's "Private Hire" page.

  • Still have questions?
    The website is a mine of useful information so please take the time to browse around.
    Also feel free to contact the Public Relations teams for further guidance on +33 (0)1 49 52 50 50.

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