Svetlana Zakharova Project 


As the borders between Russia and the European Union are still closed, Svetlana Zakharova's performances have been canceled.

Svetlana Zakharova Project
Svetlana Zakharova Project, Gabrielle Chanel - DR


As the borders between Russia and the European Union are still closed, Svetlana Zakharova's performances have been canceled.
• If you have booked on the Theater website with your credit card, you will be credited automatically.
• Otherwise, a refund by transfer will be made using your bank details.
If you have not yet sent us your RIB, please do so via your Personal account or contact us on 01 49 52 50 50
Thanking you for your understanding


Georg Friedrich Handel | music 
Mauro Bigonzetti | choreography
Helena De Medeiros | costumes
Carlo Cerri | lights 
Svetlana Zakharova | Bolshoï Ballet Etoile 

with Denis Savin, Jacopo Tissi, Mikhail Lobukhin, Vyacheslav Lopatin, Ana Turazashvili, Anastasia Stashkevich, Victoria Litvinova, Marfa Fyodorova, Tatiana Osipova, Anita Pudikova, Karim Abdullin, Alexei Gaynutdinov, Anton Gaynutdinov

Ilya Demutsky | music 
Yuri Possokhov | choreography 
Alexei Frandetti | libretto 
Maison Chanel | original costumes 
Maria Trebugova | sets 
Ilya Starilov | video
Ivan Vinogradov | lights 
Svetlana Zakharova | Bolshoï Ballet Etoile

with Ana Turazashvili, Mikhail Lobukhin, Jacopo Tissi, Nelli Kobakhidze, Svetlana Pavlova, Victoria Litvinova, Anita Pudikova, Vyacheslav Lopatin, Denis Savin, Karim Abdullin, Vasily Danilchuk, Dmitry Efremov, Alexei Gaynutdinov, Anton Gaynutdinov, Marfa Fyodorova, Anna Grigorieva, Tatiana Osipova

Recorded music 

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Here are two autumn dates that will make the whole of Paris flock to this sumptuous and exceptional event. First of all, the presence of "Tsarina of the Dance" Svetlana Zakharova, an outstanding artist for whom all superlatives of excellence are lacking. Surrounded by soloists from the Bolshoi Ballet, she is here to present a show she holds particularly dear to her heart, that of celebrating "the friendship between ballet and fashion" through the personality and life of Gabrielle Chanel. For this purpose, 85 costumes were created in the sewing workshops of Moscow’s mecca for dance based on the "exclusive sketches" from Chanel. However, the project should not be reduced to a fashion show because it is a ballet that retraces the life of Gabrielle Chanel, a symbol of French chic and figure of women's liberation, a woman who in the eyes of the Star has doubly "revolutionised the notion of women's fashion and freedom". Everything comes together to make these two evenings the "most chic and popular" dance event of the season.

Une production MuzArts dans le cadre du Festival « Les Saisons Russes » en France
COREALISATION Productions Internationales Albert Sarfati / Théâtre des Champs-Elysées

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