Valentina Lisitsa | piano 

Valentina Lisitsa on Russian soil with Ravel, Rachmaninoff, Chopin.

Valentina Lisitsa
Valentina Lisitsa © Gilbert François


It is hard to think of anything more painful and horrific than war. Being born in Ukraine and having spent most of my adult life in the US, this tragedy is very personal to me, as I have family and friends in Russia and Ukraine. I believe that any war is against human reason and human nature, especially when this war is between neighbours. With this message, I share my deepest concerns and condolences to all the people involved in this horrible conflict. Nothing can justify the violence and death of innocent people. I hope that this conflict ends as soon as possible, and both Russian and Ukrainian people go back to their families in peace.

Ravel Gaspard de la nuit 
Rachmaninoff Sonata No. 2 Op. 36
Chopin Scherzo No. 1 en si mineur Op. 20
Scherzo No. 2 en si bémol mineur Op. 31 
Scherzo No. 3 en ut dièse mineur Op. 39 
Scherzo No. 4 en mi majeur Op. 54
Polonaise-Fantaisie Op. 61 

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The pianistic repertoire holds no secrets for the pianist Valentina Lisitsa, a performer with exceptional skill, who uses Ravel, Rachmaninoff and Chopin explore scores combining sensibility and telluric explosion.

COREALISATION Piano**** / Théâtre des Champs-Elysées

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