New International Philharmonia Orchestra

Alessandra Vittini | direction
François Doublier | piano

Alessandra Vittini and her New International Philharmonia Orchestra offer a special program with three summits of Mozart's work.

Alessandra Vittini
Alessandra Vittini - DR


Mozart Don Giovanni Overture
Concerto for piano No. 20 K. 466
Symphony No. 41 « Jupiter » K. 551

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Alessandra Vittini created in 2011 the New International Philharmonia Orchestra and the New International Chamber Orchestra, both composed of musicians who are laureates of the great international music schools. Their remarkable technical level and their enthusiasm make this orchestra recognized as a high-quality group capable of tackling a wide repertoire, from chamber music to symphonic music. Under the direction of its permanent conductor, the New International Philharmonia Orchestra recorded the Bach concertos for piano and orchestra with François Doublier. Their collaboration continues in 2019, on the occasion of this French tour which makes a Parisian stopover.

Production Wint Orchestra & Chorus