French Bœuf de rentrée !

The Orchestre de chambre de Paris is back for another year of fun and sharing.

Lars Vogt, Alban Gerhardt

Cellist Alban Gerhardt performing the two Saint-Saëns cello masterpieces.

Hervé Niquet, Shani Diluka, Nicolas Ramez, Florent Pujuila

The Parisian musical atmosphere of the early 20th century is celebrated with Hervé Niquet and the pianist Shani Diluka.

Antje Weithaas

A concert for romantic strings conducted by violinist Antje Weithaas.

Douglas Boyd, Jean-Efflam Bavouzet

Paris-London revisited by Douglas Boyd, Scotland's most Parisian conductor.

Lars Vogt, Ian Bostridge

An impressionist concert delivered with mastery by the English tenor Ian Bostridge.

Javier Perianes, Deborah Nemtanu

An evening of passionate Mozart playing-directed by Deborah Nemtanu.

Lars Vogt, Alban Gerhardt

The Russian passions of the Orchestre de chambre de Paris and cellist Alban Gerhardt.

Lars Vogt, Antje Weithaas

Beethoven's legacy, the rare Louise Farrenc and the virtuoso violinist Antje Weithaas.

François-Frédéric Guy

The pianist François-Frédéric Guy continues his exploration of musical filiations.

H. Niquet, V. Gens, H. Guilmette, J. Dran, T. Christoyannis, E. Ceysson, X. Phillips, C. Tiberghien

The French melodies of joy brought to life by the Palazzetto Bru Zane and a fine vocal group.