Orchestre de chambre de Paris

Avi Avital | direction and mandolin 

A refined and energetic programme performed with Avi Avital's mandolin.

Avi Avital
Avi Avital © Harald Hoffmann


Vivaldi Concerto for mandolin in D major 
Bach Concerto for harpsichord No.1 (arrangement for mandolin)
Vivaldi Concerto for mandolin in C major
Bartók Divertimento for string orchestra 
Dorman Concerto for mandolin and string orchestra

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Some obsessions are good: since his first concerts at the age of eight, Avi Avital has constantly expanded the possibilities of an instrument, the mandolin, which one would be wrong to think of as a small one. Born in Israel, he nurtured his knowledge of the Italian Baroque tradition in Padua, before working on the rebirth of his instrument, whose perception and repertoire he has profoundly renewed. Be it transcriptions of famous scores, commissions from composers, forays into jazz or Balkan music, he is now the main ambassador of the mandolin throughout the world, from the Carnegie Hall to the Berlin Philharmonic... For this concert employing the practice of play-direct, he has devised a programme in which the refinement and energy of Vivaldi's concertos will be followed by the momentum of Bartók and Dorman.

PRODUCTION Orchestre de chambre de Paris

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