Orchestre de chambre de Paris

Lars Vogt | direction
Christian Tetzlaff | violin 

Lars Vogt and Christian Tetzlaff take us on a journey with Mendelssohn, Sibelius, Brahms and Dvořák.

Lars Vogt, Christian Tetzlaff
Lars Vogt © J. B. Pellerin, Christian Tetzlaff © G. Bertazzi


Mendelssohn The Hebrides or Fingal's cave Op. 26
Dvořák Violin Concerto pour violon Op. 53
Sibelius Serenade Op. 69 No.1
Brahms Symphony No.2 Op. 73 

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Let’s head north! Here is Mendelssohn's Scotland, Sibelius' Finland and two legendary works: one Alpine, the other a little more Slavic. In 1877, Brahms reached maturity. He had spent nearly twenty years completing his first symphony, but this time, inspired by the peaks of the Austrian Alps, he composed the second in a single summer. Dvořák found the inspiration for his violin concerto in the rich melodic heritage of his native Bohemia, and will give birth to one of his masterpieces, a true monument of ardour and virtuosity. An evening conceived as a journey to distant lands, which allows Lars Vogt and Christian Tetzlaff, long-time musical partners, to rediscover their favourite composers and to share with the orchestra their complicity as chamber musicians.

PRODUCTION Orchestre de chambre de Paris

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