St-Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestra

Yuri Temirkanov  direction
Beatrice Rana  piano 

Yuri Temirkanov and Beatrice Rana plunge into the heart of German Romanticism with Mahler and Schumann

Yuri Temirkanov, Beatrice Rana
Yuri Temirkanov © Vladimir Postnov / Beatrice Rana © Neda Navaee


Schumann Piano Concerto Op. 54
Mahler Symphony No. 1 « The Titan »

For the first of their two traditional annual performances, the St Petersburg Orchestra and its conductor Yuri Temirkanov are forsaking the Russian Steppe and plunging into the heart of German Romanticism. Even in his very first Symphony, Mahler creates an extraordinary palette of sound. Symphony No. 1 owes its name “The Titan” not to its complexity and length, but to the eponymous novel by Jean-Paul Richter, one of Mahler’s favourite authors. The novel celebrates the inner strength of a young hero in a hostile world, a theme in which we can imagine the composer identified parallels with his own aspirations. In a similar vein, attention has often been drawn to the lyrical scope and chromatic richness of Schumann’s only piano concerto, and this explains its popularity as one of the major works of the Romantic concert repertoire. The dialogue between piano and orchestra is particularly dazzling and is equally demanding for both soloist and orchestral players. The musical maturity of young pianist Beatrice Rana will find an ideal vehicle to express itself here.

Production Théâtre des Champs-Elysées