Orchestre de chambre de Paris

François-Frédéric Guy  piano and direction
A Season with Beethoven - #LvB250

A complete tour of Beethoven’s piano concertos in one evening with François-Frédéric Guy

François-Frédéric Guy
François-Frédéric Guy © Caroline Doutre


Beethoven Complete Piano Concertos
Concerto No. 1 Op. 15
Concerto No. 3 Op.37
> Pause 1h
Concerto No. 2 Op. 19
Concerto No. 4 Op. 58
> Pause 20mn
Concerto No. 5 Op. 73 « The Emperor »

Approximate running time
1st part: 1h10 - Intermission: 1h - 2nd part: 1h - Intermission: 20mn - 3rd part: 40mn

In this extraordinary concert, François-Frédéric Guy offers us a demonstration of technical prowess, an adventure, and a music-lover’s dream, as he plays and conducts Beethoven’s five concertos in one evening, no less! As well as being a tour de force, it is also an opportunity to embark on a journey which retraces the stylistic evolutions of the composer, from the First Concerto, which is still faithful to the classicism of Haydn and Mozart, right through to the imperial Emperor published almost fifteen years later. A passionate performer of Beethoven, whose complete works he aspires to record, François-Frédéric Guy takes a decisive step on his journey with the composer: «For a few years now, I have been conducting these concertos from the keyboard, trying to get back to the original spirit of these masterpieces, an experience which is constantly yielding new perspectives. Put simply, this is a lifetime’s work.»

Production Orchestre de chambre de Paris


François-Frédéric Guy Intégrale des Concertos pour piano de Beethoven