Boris Berezovsky  piano 

Due to illness, Boris Berezovsky has to postponed his recital on Friday 3rd April at 8pm.

Boris Berezovsky
Boris Berezovsky © Juri Bogomaz


Ravel Miroirs, Sonatine
Debussy Images 1st cahier
Stravinsky Sonata, 4 Etudes
Debussy 4 Etudes
Prokofiev Sonata No. 7

We were introduced to Berezovsky three weeks ago in the Schumann concerto with the St Petersburg Philharmonic, and now he is back as a soloist in a recital devoted exclusively to French and Russian repertoire. Ravel and Debussy have long been a part of Boris Berezovsky’s concert programmes and he likes to play them in combination with their Russian contemporaries (here Stravinsky and Prokofiev). Maurice Ravel (1875-1937) and Claude Debussy (1862-1918) are two of the great French composers of the early 20th century and each in his own way paved the way for modernity in French music.

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