Fazıl Say piano 

A Season with Beethoven – #LvB250

Pianist Fazil Say likes to engage in dialogue. This evening, his tête-à-tête is with Beethoven’s Hammerklavier.

Fazil Say
Fazil Say © Marco Borggreve


Beethoven Sonata No. 29 Op. 106 « Hammerklavier »
Say Troy Sonata Op. 78 (French Creation)

A recital by this Turkish virtuoso, a committed artist whose stage performances seem to reflect his own life, is always an intense experience. A prolific composer, he likes to combine his own works with compositions from the hallowed classical repertoire and is performing several “echo recitals”. This is his way of engaging with his eminent predecessors. The Art of Piano is a clear tribute to Bach, and to the lyricism of Mozart and Chopin. This evening’s dialogue is with the huge and illustrious Hammerklavier by Beethoven. When the composer surrendered his manuscript to his publisher, he announced with foresight: “Here is a sonata which will keep pianists busy when they play it in fifty years time!” Opus 106 was not often played during Beethoven’s lifetime, but is now a rite of passage for all performers as its compositional richness showcases a musician at the peak of his powers.

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