Piotr Anderszewski | piano 

Piotr Anderzewski, a master of the art of the Cantor of Leipzig.

Piotr Anderszewski
Piotr Anderszewski © Ari Rossner


Bach Well-tempered Clavier, Preludes & Fugues from Book II (BWV 846 to 893)

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Every self-respecting music lover knows The Well-Tempered Clavier: preludes and fugues in every key, which Johann Sebastian Bach published in two notebooks more than 20 years apart (1722 and 1744). Is the chromatic pattern respected by the author (C major, C minor, C sharp major, C sharp minor, and so on) "emotionally" logical? Not necessarily, answers Piotr Anderszewski, who arranges twelve pairs in his own way. That is to say, "sometimes according to tonal relationships that naturally unite some, sometimes according to contrasts that seem to bring others closer together. The idea, by reading them in this specific order, is to create a dramatic sense that would make one think of a cycle: twelve characters conversing with each other, reflecting each other.

PRODUCTION Jeanine Roze Production

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