The Mozartian legend championed by Alexis Kossenko and his set of Ambassadors.

Rachmaninov, Bartók

Dialogues of keyboard and percussion around Rachmaninov and Bartók.

Christmas concert Young Audience

The musical tale imagined by Jean Broussolle to music by André Popp hasn't aged a day and the truculent Juliette demonstrates this.

Schumann, Brahms, Fauré, Poulenc

Passing the baton for Victor-Julien Laferrière's cello and Maxim Emelyanychev's piano.


The beauty of Bach's artistry by a powerful trio, Emmanuel Pahud, Trevor Pinnock and Jonathan Manson.

Say, Schumann

Piano master Fazil Say with the dashing heroes of the Modigliani Quartet.

Bach, Schumann, Chopin

Talent doesn't wait for people to first grow old and the very young Alexandra Dovgan has already proved it.

Mozart, Fauré, Brahms

The Swedish clarinet player Martin Fröst in good company with Antoine Tamestit and Shai Wosner.

Schubert, Liszt

Argentinean pianist Nelson Goerner contrasts Schubert and Liszt. Fascinating.

Prokofiev, Tchaikovsky, Stravinsky

Sergey Dogadin plunges us into the depths of the Russian soul with Tchaikovsky, Prokofiev and Stravinsky.

Chopin, Albéniz

Roger Muraro combines the virtuosity and romanticism of Chopin and Albéniz.

Mozart, De Falla, Bach, Lavry

All the nuances of the mandolin and the exquisite skill of Avi Avital.

Sergei Prokofiev - Young audience

One fine morning, little Peter opened the gate of the garden and went out into the vast green meadows...

Mozart, Sibelius

Christian Tetzlaff and his eponymous quartet celebrate Mozart and Sibelius.

Purcell, Vivaldi, Piazzolla, Molinelli

A unique and intimate encounter between Vivaldi's violin and Piazzolla's bandoneon.

Mendelssohn, Schumann

Mendelssohn chamber musician and the art of Schumann's declaration of love by the Trio Wanderer.

Britten, Brahms

The luminous Belcea in Brahms and Britten.