Roger Muraro | piano 

Roger Muraro combines the virtuosity and romanticism of Chopin and Albéniz.

Roger Muraro
Roger Muraro © Jean-Baptiste Millot


Chopin Nocturne No. 6 opus 15 No. 3
Préludes opus 28
Albéniz Iberia, impressions for piano (Livre II)) 

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Olivier Messiaen, for whom he is the champion, never fails to express his "admiration for his dazzling technique, his mastery, his sound qualities, his emotion, and [...] his Faith!". But regardless of the fact that he is still an expert in French music, Roger Muraro does not confine himself to this field. The proof: no blue-white-red notes on the morning programme. Although... Polish through and through, Frédéric Chopin was nonetheless made a Lorrainian by his father. In fact, it is not certain that he would have celebrated his homeland so much if he had stayed there rather than emigrating to Paris. The same goes for Albéniz's musical Spain, whose rhythms, colours, technique and forms will be remembered by the author of Twenty Eyes on the Child Jesus. It's come full circle.

COREALISATION Jeanine Roze Production / Théâtre des Champs-Elysées