Patricia Petibon | soprano

Dimitri Naïditch| piano
Christophe Raymond| violin


Patricia Petibon's new "journey" in her own right, combining alchemy and finesse.

Patricia Petibon
Patricia Petibon © Bernard Martinez


Arias from operas, melodies and songs from Mozart, Fauré, Debussy, Puccini, Poulenc, Piazzolla, Glanzberg, Churchill, Lennon, Bacri, Lockwood 

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Alchimia is a magical journey conceived and imagined by Patricia Petibon, one of the most flamboyant, surprising and eclectic sopranos of her generation, by her husband the late Didier Lockwood and by the pianist, composer and arranger Dimitri Naïditch. Transgressing styles and categories, Alchimia brings to life a repertoire that combines the precision of the classical masterpiece with the vertigo of improvisation. An invitation to travel, a subtle alchemy of the great arias of opera, singing, jazz and improvisation, with humour, elegance and sensitivity.

PRODUCTION Les Grandes Voix

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