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    Le Ballet royal de la Nuit

    Musics from Jean de Cambefort, Antoine Boësset, Louis Constantin, Michel Lambert, Francesco Cavalli, Luigi Rossi

    A real "cabinet of curiosities", this baroque enchantment recreates one of the mythical feasts of the court of Louis XIV.

    Ballet royal de la Nuit
    Ballet royal de la Nuit © Vincent Pontet
    Ballet royal de la Nuit
    Ballet royal de la Nuit © Vincent Pontet
    Ballet royal de la Nuit
    Ballet royal de la Nuit © Vincent Pontet

    Sébastien Daucé | direction and musical reconstitutions 
    Francesca Lattuada | staging, choreography, scenograpy, costumes
    Olivier Charpentier, Bruno Fatalot | costumes
    Christian Dubet | lights 
    Catherine Saint-Sever | make-up, hairstyle, wigs 
    Aitor Ibáñez | video

    Lucile Richardot | La Nuit / Vénus
    Violaine Le Chenadec | Une heure / Cintia / Une grâce française
    Caroline Weynants | Eurydice / Une grâce française
    Ilektra Platiopoulou | Junon
    Caroline Dangin-Bardot | Vénus / Le Silence
    Perrine Devillers | Pasitea / Mnémosyne / L’Aurore
    Deborah Cachet | La Lune / Déjanire / Une grâce française / La Beauté
    David Tricou | Apollon
    Etienne Bazola | Le Sommeil
    Renaud Bres | Hercule
    Nicolas Brooymans | Le Grand Sacrificateur
    Sean Patrick Mombruno | danseur
    Jive Faury, Yan Oliveri, Vincent Regnard | jongleurs
    Julien Amiot, Marianna Boldini, Pierre-Jean Bréaud, Frédéric Escurat, Alexandre Fournier, Caroline Le Roy, Pierre Le Gouallec, Pablo Monedero de Andrès, Jordi Puigoriol, Michael Pallandre, Etienne Revenu | acrobates

     Ensemble Correspondances Orchestra and Choir

    Opera sung in French, subtitled in French and English

    Commissioned by Mazarin the day after the Fronde to establish the power of the young Louis XIV, this Royal Ballet left its mark on both musical and political history by consecrating the personification of the monarch as the Sun King. Indeed, the king, a great follower of dance, which he loved to perform, appeared at the end of the show in sun costume, a symbol he adopted, presenting himself as the one who drives out the darkness and shines on the world. Musicologist and conductor Sébastien Daucé patiently and passionately reconstructed the score of this show, which is as historical as it is legendary, since it had never been performed since its creation in 1653. As director, choreographer, set designer and costume designer, Francesca Lattuada was able to bring back to life the magic of the libretto, which draws on myths, legends and various tales. A true "cabinet of curiosities" colored in the purest spirit of French Baroque.

    Production : théâtre de Caen
    Coproduction : Opéra de Dijon, Opéra Royal / Château de Versailles Spectacles, Ensemble Correspondances
    Avec le soutien de la Fondation Rothschild
    Coproducteur associé pour la nouvelle production : Théâtres de la ville de Luxembourg
    En partenariat avec

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