Don Quixote  

Richard Strauss

Young audiences can enjoy the adventures of Cervantes’ hero set to music by Richard Strauss.

Don Quichotte
Don Quichotte - DR


Arthur Lavandier | musical arrangement
Raphaëlle Cambray, Elliot Jenicot  | text
Cécile Pruvot | illustrations
Raphaëlle Cambray | staging
Elliot Jenicot  | narrator

La Croisée des Arts Shuichi Okada, Manon Galy | violin
Léa Hennino | alto

Yan Levionnois | cello
Yann Dubost
| double bass
Guillaume Bellom | piano
Rodolphe Théry | percussion
Ensemble Ouranos


Fantastic variations on a chivalrous theme
after Don Quixote de la Mancha by Miguel de Cervantes

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What better narrator than Elliot Jenicot, with his gift for clowning and pantomime to present the adventures of the Knight of the Sorrowful Countenance and his squire Sancho Panza to a young audience? The notes are, of course, by Richard Strauss, with “fantastic variations” revised by Arthur Lavandier, born in 1987, for La Croisée des Arts and the wind players of the Ensemble Ouranos. Cervantes’ hero will therefore joust with windmills and a flock of sheep and muse at length on his distant Dulcinea, to name but a few episodes, in a more pared-back form. An antihero’s life, in short.

Coréalisation Jeanine Roze Production / Théâtre des Champs-Elysées

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