Up to 10 people
Work council / Friends / Associations

Abonnement Groupes

Group of friends / Works council / Associations

  • Subscription - 30% to - 15% from 1st to 4th category
    5 performances minimum (selection of a fixed category per subscription)
    Form to download or on request
    Processing of applications by date of arrival
    Confirmation by payment of the tickets at the latest on June 30, 2021
  • For one or more performances - 15% from 1st to 4th category
    Option to be confirmed at the latest 6 weeks before the date of the chosen performance by paying for the tickets. Seating will be provided upon receipt of payment.

No reduced rate but full rate reservations possible for Les 20 ans du Concert d'Astrée, the Diapason Concert, La Vie Parisienne (31/12/2021), Muriel Robin, Evgeny Kissin, Depardieu chante Barbara, Thaïs, Anna Bolena, Grigory Sokolov and cœur d’orchestre seats. 

10 personnes

Youth group - 26 years old / Conservatory / Educational institution

10€, 15€ or 20€ per seat depending on the performance

Organize an outing by choosing one or more shows of the 2021-2022 season and benefit from the best remaining seats* from 1st to 4th category.

  • 10 seats minimum to choose from a selection.
  • Reservations open as soon as the Youth Calendar is published on Wednesday, September 1, 2021 (subject to availability)
Un Rigoletto


Participatory Opera for Young Audiences
Un Rigoletto after Verdi

7 € per seat and free seat for accompanying adults (1 for 10 students)

  • Performances in French Sign Language and Audiodescription
  • Singing workshops for REP and REP+ classes (with the support of donors and patrons)
  • Visit and discovery of the Theatre
  • Meeting between teachers and artistic team
  • Workshop for learning songs
  • Accompanying file...


Work council / Friends / Associations

Youth group - 26 years old* / Conservatory / Educational institution