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    Jean-Philippe Rameau

    An original performance of an opera by Rameau with a Freemasonry theme clearly signposting Mozart’s Die Zauberflöte.

    Reinoud Van Mechelen
    Reinoud Van Mechelen © Senne an der Ven - DR
    Véronique Gens © Sandrine Expilly
    Alexis Kossenko
    Alexis Kossenko - DR

    Jodie Devos | Amélite
    Véronique Gens | Erinice 
    Reinoud Van Mechelen | Zoroastre
    Tassis Christoyannis | Abramane
    Mathias Vidal | Abénis / Orosmade / A Fury
    David Witczak | Zopire / Arimane / A Genius / Vengeance
    Gwendoline Blondeel | Céphie / Cénide
    Marine Lafdal-Franc | Zélise / A Fairy / A Fury

    Alexis Kossenko | direction
    Les Ambassadeurs~La Grande Ecurie
    Chœur de chambre de Namur

    Sung in French with French and english subtitles

    At the start of this season, before Castor et Pollux in the spring of 2023, we can discover the original first version of Zoroastre by Rameau. Alexis Kossenko, who is passionate about this composer and musicology research more generally, pursues his work in 2020 on Achante et Céphise, a similarly unperformed work by Rameau, which he has recorded here as a coproduction with the Centre de musique baroque de Versailles. Drawing on the editorial work carried out by the Société Jean-Philippe Rameau and the expertise of the CMBV, he will deliver a historically-informed work in terms of cast, arrangements, style of delivery and performance. Supporting him are some of the finest voices in this type of repertoire: Reinoud Van Mechelen, Mathias Vidal, Jodie Devos, Véronique Gens and Tassis Christoyannis, several of whom will feature in the production of Castor et Pollux next spring.

    Partenariat Centre de musique baroque de Versailles (CMBV) | Centre d’Art Vocal et de musique ancienne de Namur (CAV&MA) | Atelier Lyrique de Tourcoing | Les Ambassadeurs ~ La Grande Ecurie

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