Ballet Preljocaj

Angelin Preljocaj   

Angelin Preljocaj, a major name in contemporary dance, returns with two iconic pieces and a new work.

Annonciation Ballet Preljocaj
Annonciation © Jean-Claude-Carbonne
Noces, Ballet Preljocaj
Noces ©Jean-Claude-Carbonne
Noces, Ballet Preljocaj
Noces ©Jean-Claude-Carbonne


Annonciation (1995)
Angelin Preljocaj | choreography and scenography
Stéphane Roy, Antonio Vivaldi | music (Crystal Music – Magnificat)
Nathalie Sanson | costumes
Jacques Chatelet | lighting
Dancers (alternating) | Clara Freschel (Ange) et Florette Jager (Marie) / Mirea Delogu (Ange) et Verity Jacobsen (Marie)

Torpeur (Creation 2023)
Angelin Preljocaj | choreography
79D | music
Elenora Peronetti | costumes
Eric Soyer | lighting
Dancers | Mirea Delogu, Antoine Dubois, Matt Emig, Chloé Fagot, Clara Freschel, Verity Jacobsen, Florette Jager, Erwan Jean-Pouvreau, Florine Pegat-Toquet, Maxime Pelillo, Valen Rivat-Fournier, Lin Yu-Hua

Noces (1989)
Angelin Preljocaj | choreography
Igor Stravinsky | music
Caroline Anteski | costumes
Jacques Chatelet | lighting
Noémie Perlov, Dany Lévêque | Choreologists
Dancers | Mirea Delogu, Antoine Dubois, Matt Emig, Chloé Fagot / Florine Pegat-To- quet, Clara Freschel, Verity Jacobsen, Florette Jager, Erwan Jean-Pouvreau, Valen Rivat-Fournier, Lin Yu-Hua

Recorded music


Throughout his long creative career, Angelin Preljocaj has enjoyed drawing on a variety of sources of inspiration including painting, literature, music, politics and religion while constantly exploring the body and movement. For his latest visit to the Théâtre des Champs-Elysées as part of the TranscenDanses season, he will present a new work and two iconic pieces from his repertoire. Annonciation is a powerfully dramatic pairing for two female dancers premiered in 1995. This choreographic encounter between the Virgin Mary and the Angel Gabriel is a subtle blend of ecstasy and suffering. The bodies move towards each other, acknowledge one another, and submit to each other to the tune of angelic harmonies by Vivaldi and more contemporary sounds by Canadian composer Stéphane Roy. In the second half, the choreographer was inspired by unusual marriage customs in the Balkans. To the brilliant score of Stravinsky’s Noces, five pairs of dancers execute a series of steps, pirouettes and jumps in a continuous surge of motion. In a frenetic circle dance incorporating both folk and modern traditions, we witness fast-paced energetic dancing to the frantic rythym of unpredictable beats.

Coréalisation Productions Internationales Albert Sarfati | Théâtre des Champs-Elysées

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