Orchestre de chambre de Paris

Philipp von Steinaecker | direction 
Christian Tetzlaff | violin
Tanja Tetzlaff | cello

A Brahms mini-festival over two evenings. Part one features Tanja Tetzlaff and her brother Christian.

Christian et Tanja Tetzlaff
Christian et Tanja Tetzlaff © Giorgia Bertazzi
Philipp von Steinaecker
Philipp von Steinaecker © Annemone Taake


Brahms  Variations On A Theme by Haydn
Double concerto for violin and cello Op. 102
Symphony No. 1 Op. 68


He plays the violin and she plays the cello. They are brother and sister and virtuosos. They are combining their skills for two evenings devoted to the gentle giant of romanticism, Johannes Brahms. For this first concert, Tanja and her brother Christian Tetzlaff will join forces for the famous Double Concerto which they have often performed together, and which draws the two soloists into a dazzling dialogue with the orchestra. There will be then the Symphony No. 1, which reveals an already well-established maturity. Brahms reworked his score for twelve years, and this first attempt was so perfect that it was even dubbed “Beethoven’s Tenth Symphony”.

Production Orchestre de chambre de Paris

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