reduced mobility


On each performance, 6 seats are reserved for reduced mobility audience. Due to the specific configuration of the theater, it is essential to inform the theater of your time arrival when booking by phone.

Without prior information, access to the room cannot be guaranteed.


Access to the theatre: 
From the street to the entrance: the Théâtre des Champs-Elysées has a wheelchair ramp at the front left of the building.
From the entrance to the foyer: a motorised platform takes wheelchair users to the foyer.
From the foyer to the auditorium: ushers will guide you to your seat in the auditorium.

Visually impaired or blind viewers


Come and see some of the performances adapted in Audiodescription.

> La Périchole Offenbach
   Sunday 27 November 2022 - 5pm
> Une Cenerentola A participatory opera for young audiences based on Rossini
   Saturday 4 February 2023 - 4pm
> La Bohème Puccini
   Saturday 24 June 2023 - 7.30pm

You will be given headphones before the performance. Once in the auditorium, you will hear in voice-over, during the unsung parts, information on the staging, the performance of the performers, indications on the sets, the costumes, the props... to allow you to create a mental image of what is happening on the stage.

Hearing impaired or deaf audience


At each performance, if you do not have hearing aids, 30 headphones are available, and if you do, 15 magnetic induction loops.

The loops are in the form of a necklace, they connect directly to the hearing aids in order to receive a sound adapted to your level of deafness as soon as you put them on the "T" mode.

Audience members who read French sign language


Once a season, two interpreters at the front of the stage offer a simultaneous translation of the opera and the songs in sign language.


> Une Cenerentola A participatory opera for young audiences based on Rossini
   Sunday 29 January -  4pm

+33 1 49 52 50 50

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